“The Party Life” Now For Sale!

“The Party Life” magma size comic is finally a reality.  This is the first comic of the adventures of Party Cat and Party Bot, and let me tell you… this bot and cat know how to party.  It made it’s debut at the Alternative Press Expo 2011 and now you can get this mini comic online at the We Are Object store.  It’s 16 pages of art and pure awesomeness for just 5 bucks!

This is the cover!  Exciting!

Opening the first page!

Look at those fun times dancing!

OMG, all the humans were killed off in that explosion!?!

Luckily Party Bot meets Party Cat!

Yeah, one bot and one cat shall keep the party going!

Time to par-tay!!!

The rest is a surprise! Get your copy of this mini comic here!


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