DesignerCon 2012 Is Almost Here! W.A.O. at booth 316!

Designer Con 2012 is Saturday, Nov. 3rd at the Pasadena Convention Center from 9am to 6pm.  ABamber and We Are Objects will be at booth 316.  The We Are Objects ceramic boom box will be on sale for the first time there so come visit us!

APE 2012 is coming : visit Booth 736

WAO Party Cat edition 2

Check out Party Cat (2nd edition) in black gloss ceramic! Visit We Are Objects and ABamber at APE 2012 booth 736 Oct. 13th and 14th.

Lord Bubble Face sighting… Run!!!! Save yourself!!

Prototype getting made… to be released at Designer Con Nov. 20

Introducing Speaker Bot…

Party Bot and Party Cat get their dance on every time Speaker Bot enters the scene.  To be released at some point… in the future…

Little Bastard 2″ figure is coming soon…

Be released at Designer Con Nov. 20.

Painted and Ready…

Party Bot and Party Cat

Parts! Parts! Parts!

Time to start painting…

Party Bot / Party Cat parts are in, casting to take soon!

Moddler 3D printer did an excellent job! Resolution is amazing,

Party Cat figure is taking shape…

Behind every good bot, there’s a party cat.

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